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EMDR therapy

In my previous post, I discussed the importance of respectful, non-judgemental trauma support. This is not just because trauma affects different people in different ways, but because its effects can be long-lasting and life-changing.   A traumatised nervo...
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When you imagine somebody who has recently been bereaved, what kind of person would you picture? Perhaps you thought of a weeping widow clad in black, or a child losing a beloved grandparent.  Almost certainly, the person you imagined was suffering the loss of a lo...
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As an Employee Support Coach, I have trained intensively in diverse and accredited therapies. Working with forward-thinking HR leaders, Beyond EAP provides specialist support for life’s toughest challenges.   These challenges come in many forms, and they affect a...
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Trigger warning: includes words used to describe the surgical management of miscarriage. Society celebrates pregnant women and babies. New lives are embraced. Cards, flowers and congratulations are sent.  But every year one in four UK pregnancies – about 250,000 – e...
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If you’re like us, you relish those moments when you can relax and read a good book. I had chance to indulge in reading a few during the recent festive break that have left me feeling inspired. Among them, two that stood out were by well-known celebrities who have each enc...
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My nephew was born after a traumatic caesarean section 22 years ago and I witnessed the emotional harm it caused my sister for years to come. I’m not telling an unusual story here, by the way: giving birth is terrifying for many women. The Birth Trauma Association estimate...
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