Maternity Leave Coaching - JS, Associate

I used the Maternity Coaching service on my return to work. I found the service really helpful, it provided me with support in navigating returning to work after maternity leave and the new challenges that presented. It enabled me to reflect on my maternity leave, which had its unique challenges - taking place during a global pandemic and the additional strains that created. It provided me with an opportunity to reflect on how I was coping with my return to work and discuss strategies in relation to any areas of concern I had. 

I felt supported and genuinely listened to. My Coach provided some helpful suggestions on how I may change my approach to certain elements of my work to ensure I get the optimal work / life balance which in turn means I am a happy and productive employee. Overall i think this was a great service and would certainly recommend to others.

Burnout Preventative Coaching Support - DO, Director

An accumulation of events had led me to a very low point. 6 weeks later I am back to feeling like myself, if not even better than I had done for many years. The most important take aways for me were the impact diet has on the mind and body, as well as ensuring there are clear self care boundaries. Beyond EAP's support has been invaluable, and has has connected the dots on several issues that have come and gone over the last 2 decades. Now I feel well armed with the knowledge to prevent any recurrences.

Maternity Leave Coaching - CLH, Senior Associate

The most useful aspect of the coaching was preparing me for the return to work on 4 days as opposed to 5 days. The support has helped me to think about how to formally and informally set boundaries and communicate these to clients and colleagues in a professional manner.

The sessions were a fantastic help and support and paid close attention to my individual circumstances and really tailored the support to what I needed most.

The coaching was a real help in giving me confidence when returning to work and also helping me consider and plan my return to work in a structured and methodical way.

Maternity Leave Coaching - JH, Senior Associate

The sessions helped me use skills learned in our previous sessions to rationalise anxious or unhelpful thoughts. They helped me to set, and protect, boundaries in both a work and personal setting. 
The breathing exercises really helped in a practical sense, as did support with my (successful) flexible working request, which has improved my work/life balance.  

The support was invaluable in helping me navigate pregnancy, motherhood during a global pandemic and, latterly, juggling work and parenting. I learned that I am stronger and more empathetic as a result of the things I have been through, and that that I am able to see the positives that have resulted from the difficulties I have faced. 

The support reinforced the positive changes I have made to both my personal and working situation in recent years, and has given me confidence that I can offer a great deal to my employer on a sustainable basis while maintaining a work life balance and enforcing personal boundaries. 

I could be totally open without any judgment or impatience; she was a brilliant listener and keen to offer practical support.  I thoroughly recommend BEyond EAP to others needing support.

Maternity Leave Coaching - SL, Senior Associate

I found the maternity coaching programme very helpful at all stages. In the lead up to going on maternity leave, the sessions gave me an opportunity to think about my strengths and weaknesses and also my priorities and career ambitions. It was interesting to be reminded as to what those were after my maternity leave, and to reflect on my new skills and somewhat renewed priorities. 

At a time of big change in my life (which would have been a big change anyway, but was even more so given the global pandemic), it was a great comfort to know that there was someone dedicated to supporting me as and when I needed it. I appreciated our regular catch up calls during my maternity leave and found that it gave me a positive link to working life. I particularly liked the science behind my reactions to circumstances and found the coping, breathing and relaxation techniques she taught me extremely helpful.
In the lead up to and following my return to work, I found it very useful to chat through the various ‘return-to-work’ options and subsequently to consider how best to structure my day and put in place work-life boundaries, especially whilst we are working from home.

Maternity Leave Coaching - Josie Hinton, Associate

My sessions have transformed my approach to work on my return from maternity leave.
They have allowed me to accept that feelings of anxiety and imposter syndrome are normal on return from maternity leave, and has has helped me to put in place strategies to deal with the new demands of balancing working life and parenthood.

The sessions were insightful, practical and have been extremely beneficial to me (and, in turn, to the firm). As well as dealing with immediate concerns surrounding time management, managing colleagues' expectations and career progression, I have also learned strategies to tackle difficult situations and relationships at work.

The sessions has given me the confidence to accept what is realistic and achievable in my new working hours, and to give myself a break if I cannot perform at the intensity as I did prior to becoming a mum.

I would highly recommend Beyond EAP to anyone returning from maternity leave. 

Burnout Preventative Coaching Support - IW

Emotionally, at the point I was introduced to these sesisons I was in really quite a bad place; I was feeling burnt-out and stressed at work and, as well as the isolating and scary impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic all around me, several members of the my partners' family were diagnosed with untreatable cancer.

Over the course of my sessions, I learnt much more about myself and my ability to be resilient in testing and difficult circumstances, and I learn to exercise better self-care and a greater appreciation of my own self-worth.

In particular I found the range of breathing exercises very helpful - they are practical, easy actions to take in those moments where it feels that situations could become overwhelming or unbearable.

It was very supportive and I always felt able to be open and transparent; this meant I could get much more out of my time with her than if I felt the approach was unsympathetic or purely mechanistic.

Maternity Leave Coaching - Anon

I found it really helpful to take time to reflect on my career to date, my motivations and my goals for the future - something it is easy to neglect in a busy job, and even more so while also juggling family commitments. I was asked questions and provided exercises which prompted some useful insights in the time in between each session. I found the coach warm and encouraging, and easy to talk to. I looked forward to our coaching sessions. I have come away from the coaching with more confidence, better self-knowledge, and with plenty of ideas for my future career.... I was very happy to have the opportunity to have maternity coaching and feel strongly that it is something that should be offered to all returners!

Maternity Leave Coaching - Anon

The programme helped me appreciate the ups and downs of pregnancy through to return to work, and that this was completely normal. It was very helpful to have support during this huge life change. Having someone impartial to listen, not judge and give advice was great. It was also great to have support as I transitioned back to study first, then work (particularly as it takes time and patience to adjust your mindset back into work mode). 

I really appreciated the support and guidance in this regard. The coach is kind, thoughtful and intuitive, she is an amazing coach. I think my maternity leave and return to work would have been much harder without her. This is a great service and one that I would recommend for all new mums who are looking to return to work.

Trauma Support - Anon

Following a traumatic event, I was left struggling with a mix of emotions which was making it extremely difficult to focus or concentrate on normal daily tasks. I couldn't see how to process what had happened and it was difficult to see how life could get back to anything like normality.

These sessions supported me to develop a toolkit of practical techniques and approaches to help me to regain my mental equilibrium - from more immediate emotional 'first aid' in the early days to, over time, helping me to ingrain positive techniques and behaviour into my everyday routine. I also learned a lot about myself that, deep down, I had probably always known but had never really been able properly to articulate.

The support was completely invaluable in helping me to get through a very difficult stage. The unexpected benefit for me was not just getting through that stage, but finding a range of longer-lasting beneficial impacts on how I see work and life. As a result of the coach's expertise, I feel more self-aware and far better equipped to be a stronger and more resilient person than I have ever done previously. I have also been able to share a lot of this with my own family members (who are also benefiting from it).

I would absolutely recommend Beyond EAP. They were quickly able to work out what sort of person I am and what sort of approach would work best for me. I was also very impressed by the way the coach is constantly working on her own knowledge, as well as updating the materials that she uses so that these remain fresh and relevant. 

Maternity Leave Coaching - Anon

The coach was very encouraging, and supportive throughout, and helped during a time which was incredibly stressful and distressing. Sandie stepped in, to ease, calm and provide some stability for me. They were very easy to talk to, and was even helpful in offering practical advice, and coping mechanisms.  

I would very much recommend Beyond EAP to others, years of experience and a wealth of knowledge which is useful for all pregnant mothers, which undoubtedly provides knowledge, confidence and support at a time when women are at their most vulnerable.

Thank you Beyond EAP for everything, you have been a massive support to me, and I am incredibly grateful for your compassion, sensitivity, kind words and advice. 

After-Diagnosis Support - Lennie Prosper

'I was suffering from panic attacks and anxiety when faced with coming into contact with people or new events. Shopping trips outside of home were causing me to feel nausea, confusing and fear.
I learned that I already had the tools I needed to cope with these situations, bit I had blocked myself from reaching them. I also learned that I'm unhappy when I'm not moving...physically, mentally and socially.

I discovered techniques to appease my anxieties when faced with new challenges. I also discovered techniques that have helped to lower my blood pressure and sugar levels, which have troubled me for many years.

I would describe Beyond EAP's support to be beyond description. If I had to outline what I wanted, in regards to an ideal Counsellor, they would be it! She has a disarming manner in the way she questions and relays information. I felt totally at ease during every session and I followed her direction without hesitation, as I knew she held my well-being in high regard.

I have and I will continue to recommend Beyond EAP to my friends and colleagues and I will describe the coach as a very professional, but approachable Counsellor, who listens carefully, before instructing. As somebody who will make valuable suggestions to help you move on with your life in so many areas.'

Support Services - ANON

When i first was rererred to Beyond EAP i was at my lowest emotionally and just going through the motions of life and work. I knew something needed to change if i was to become my truest and most authentic self. 
Through this journey it this has completely changed! The coach has given me the tools, tips and reassurance to be able to cope and become a better person and worker. She has shown me the power of what a positive mindset and surrounding can do for your mental health. 

The patience, warmth, kindness, knowledge and friendship have left me a much better person now than before. I felt incredibly comfortable opening up to her without fear of judgment (despite having never been able to meet due to covid-19!) and i was able to completely commit myself to the process and reap all the benefits! i only wish we had more time to spend together!

The most useful things I will takeaway from this process was the power of the mind and positive thinking. i am also grateful for all the practical tips the coaching has given me that i can implement in my everyday life such as deep breathing, manifestation and vocal /visual positive affirmations.
i would encourage everyone to take part in this process if they feel they need it as the support is second to none. I have no idea where i would be without having had the pleasure of having these sessions in my life to guide me and fight for me. i truly hope others are able to experience this and change their lives for the better!

Grief & Bereavement Support - FB

These sessions offered an incredible level of support after the trauma of the late miscarriage of my son, Gabriel.  I was at a very low point and feeling like I was barely coping with life. She was non-judgemental, listened carefully to everything I said and was a real source of comfort to me. 
I now feel very positive, the support has managed to lift me out of an extremely dark and low place. I learnt that I do have the strength and ability to deal with a tragic loss, and that I can find positivity from a traumatic event. The most useful thing I'll take from the process is stress coping techniques, how to rewire my brain and how to invoke the release of positive hormones.

I would highly recommend Beyond EAP to anyone who is suffering from grief or any life-changing event as her service, support and level of compassion is really incredible. I truly hope that others who may find themselves in a similar position as I was are offered the benefit of this exemplary service.
Beyond EAP's support was absolutely invaluable to me; I have no idea where I would be right now without the sessions provided.

Grief & Bereavement Support - MA

When I first was offered these sessions I was very much in survival mode, getting through each day was my sole focus. I was going through the motions of everyday life but felt very removed from reality and those around me. As if I was watching my life from an outsiders perspective. I couldn't talk about what had happened to Chris without getting choked up with emotion. 

This has changed as I've been on a journey. Faced up to a lot of harsh realities and learnt coping mechanisms. I am in a positive place and looking forward to what the future holds. I can talk endlessly about Chris. I feel at peace with his death and the suddenness of it all.
I've learned that a positive outlook is key. That you are the change you want to see. That I am stronger than I ever realised. That the situation, whilst terrible on so many levels, has made me fearless about so many things.

The most useful thing I learned was about the power of the mind (brain forgetting to drink water for example) and putting names/labels to what I was experiencing - e.g. catastrophising, forgetting words mid sentence or using the wrong word etc.

I would describe the coach support as warm, encouraging, open minded. There was no topic I felt was off limits or anything that I could say that she would judge me for. A good balance of fact (the science behind it, worksheets to work through) and shared experiences, others anecdotal experiences 

My perception of counselling/therapy (still not quite sure how to describe my session!)  was totally different to how I thought it would be. It never felt like a "treatment" more talking with a friendly and supportive teacher.  I didn't think I needed help but on reflection we should all have Beyond EAP to help navigate our lives!

Maternity Leave Coaching - NB

On my first appointment I was extremely stressed, anxious and struggling mentally. The coach instantly recognised these traits and straight away put in a plan of action to help.

All my meetings have addressed the various emotions and feelings I had at that time, when she left I always felt so positive and  helped how to address my feelings and concerns. No issue was too small and she was so welcoming and warm, I always looked forward to our meetings and even phoning her in between.

The advice has been invaluable during and post pregnancy and I know in the future I will refer back to it when these feelings arise. I honestly don't know how I would have coped without her the last 15 months and would always recommend Beyond EAP services.

Return to Work Support - JH

When I was first referred I think I was in a state of mild shock as a result of both my husband and my daughter having been diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses within a few months. 
I was very frightened for both of them and spent a lot of time awake at night wondering what would happen if they both died. But because of the need to care for both of them, I was ploughing on each day with all the practical aspects of looking after them. I was also feeling very guilty about taking time off work when I wasn't ill myself and was worrying that colleagues would be thinking detrimentally about me because of doing so. 

Working with Beyond EAP has helped me to understand the importance of looking after my own wellbeing so that I'm better able to support those around me. She has persuaded me that my circumstances have been extreme and I have no need to feel guilt about needing time out of work to cope.

The most useful thing I've learnt is that I need to carve out protected time to protect my own state of mind and physical health, whether through mindfulness, breathing exercises or ensuring I get out for regular walks and allotment visits.

The coach is very sensitive and really adapts her advice and ideas to your own individual situation. She can help you to find reserves of inner strength to get through difficult times. Although I felt confident to liaise with my employer directly about my return to work and future working patterns, I have very much appreciated having Sandie's advice and experience to feed into that process - and it has been greatly reassuring to know that she is acting as my trusted advocate in her communications with HR.

Preventative Coaching - LG

When I first met my coach, I was at a stage in my life where things needed to change, I wasn’t happy living my life and needed to change how I was living.

This has changed as the coaching has shown me a lot of tools to change my way of thinking. I learnt that I need to stop worrying about what everyone else thinks about me and try to focus on myself.
The most useful thing I learnt was that we are all a working progress and I need to continue to work on myself.

I would describe the support as really good, really informative and tools that I can continue to try.
The coach is really knowledgeable with a lot of tools to help with individual needs. Really good scientific information too which made you realise you wasn’t going mad and that there were reasons for feeling the way you do. 

Parental Coaching - Partner

I have come away with a tool kit of tools to help with anxiety/stress/difficult situations including various breathing techniques and I know how not to self-catastrophise. The coaching has helped me in a practical way to try and maintain balance/calm etc. I have become more self-aware and conscious of my wellbeing and open to trying ‘new’ things.

I have learned a lot about myself and opened up about things I didn’t even know were concerns. The positive changes that occurred was that I felt confident to return and that I would manage it all.
My coach is lovely and so skilled and knowledgeable and always growing and learning and trying new things. She has a wealth of useful knowledge and experience and really cares. Nothing is too much to ask of her. I would recommend her services.

JM - In-House Preventative Coaching provided

'When I met my coach I was going through the most challenging and traumatic time of my life and this time I knew I was struggling.

I was barely sleeping, not eating and was struggling to breathe. I was just about coping at home to look after my children but unable to function at work and had to take some time off and was nervous about undertaking therapy as traditionally I knew that you needed to revisit traumatic events repeatedly and I was adamant that I did not want to do this.

Well thank goodness , as she does not need to revisit an event over and over. She instead works on moving past an event and how and why negative thoughts and recalling these events can make it worse.

She teaches coping strategies when faced with a trigger and how to remain calm and focus your thoughts.I have learnt so much about myself during my sessions and how my own negative thoughts could send me into a spiral of depression. I can now focus my thoughts, calm my breathing when stressed and visualise my future.

My coach uses so many resources  in her sessions and I have learnt so much so that in situations where I have a trigger I can calm myself down and push the thoughts away.

After completing my sessions I have overhauled my life: I am sleeping well each night (and if I struggle I have the tools to help me calm down and relax), I have changed my diet entirely and have cut out alcohol, and am taking vitamins. But I believe the most important changes for me are on the inside, I know my own worth, I am aware how destructive negative thinking is and I am able to work through any stressful periods using the techniques she has taught me.  I understand the slippery slope of negative thoughts and how it can progress. 

The support has been truly amazing, I felt an instant connection and knew that she would be available for a call or meeting when I needed. She regularly checked in and would send links that she thought might be relevant or supportive.

I have especially enjoyed learning about the science behind positive thinking and I personally found it easier to embrace it because I understood it.

If I were to recommend Beyond EAP to others (which I wholeheartedly would) I would tell them to really work with her to get the best out of her sessions; use the resources, practice them daily and focus on changing and managing your thought process.'

JM - Legal Secretary - Supportive Services provided

I met my support coach almost six weeks ago at a very difficult time in my life when I didn't think that I would ever get over my grief and sadness.  I was unable to be at work, to be around friends or focus on my family.  My grief was consuming me, I was barely eating or sleeping.  Meeting her has pretty much changed my life!  I instantly clicked with her and felt comfortable, that is key with any coaching of this kind.  I felt extremely comfortable with her and was so willing for this to work because that is how she made me feel, that I could get through this.  That what I have been through does not need to define me.  That is not to say that I don't have difficult days but because of the tools and coping techniques that Sandie has provided me with, I can cope.  I am getting better every day, it is hard going but I feel I have come so far in six weeks and people even tell me that I look different.

I am now back at work (and functioning) and felt confident returning to work.  I am working on being kind to myself and being present and in the moment for my family.  I have goals to work towards now and I have... well I have a purpose now.  I know what I need to do to keep me well and to keep my family together.

I have learnt so much during this process and I use many of the techniques still. I also now recognise a trigger and how it affects my body and how to change the outcome of the triggers.
I am so grateful that I had the chance to have Sandie's coaching. I can see the difference in myself already and I know that others can. I know that I would not have had such constructive and positive coaching anywhere else.

I am taking better care of myself, I am eating regularly now and choosing healthier options as I know this is integral to feel better overall. Personally the coaching has also helped my marriage as we were struggling to communicate and it has been extremely hard for us both.
I would highly recommend Beyond EAP and am just so grateful that I was able to benefit from the coaching.

Anon - Associate, Parental Coaching provided

The most beneficial thing I learnt was to be kind to myself. The coaching helped me in a practical way to transition from work to maternity leave with minimal stress or disturbance to myself of my colleagues. Personally, it has been beneficial to have a point of contact throughout maternity leave to discuss work related items with and to bridge the gap between work / home. 
During this process, I learnt I was stronger than I had before realised. The main positive change was that I learnt the importance of putting myself and my family first; if I have a strong and happy home life, I will be successful at work. The support gave me more confidence to return to work than I otherwise would have had.  

My coach was super! She was kind, professional and a great sounding board for all things work / baby / life. I would (and have) recommend Beyond EAP to my colleagues. My support coach was a great friend and support throughout these past 18 months, who I really value and appreciate.

Anon - Junior IT Infrastructure Engineer - Maternity Coaching

My overall experience has been brilliant. I am now more confident in what I do and appreciate and value myself a lot more. I'm more acceptable to the way others are around me and have learnt to not take everything so personally. I now have a clearer way of thinking about situations and problems and how to deal with them better.It's made me more confident at work and the support on returning was great as I was more relaxed than I would of been. I would definitely recommend Beyond EAP and this service to friends and colleagues in the future. Thank you for all your help and support throughout my pregnancy and return to work xx

CH - Senior Associate - Maternity Coaching

My time equipped me with a new skills-set that will serve me not only professionally but also in terms of my ongoing physical and mental well-being.

 My Coach was an excellent listener, helping to guide, encourage and formulate my various thought processes and never belittling my doubts or concerns. I would not hesitate to recommend Beyond EAP to anyone considering their work options after having had a baby.

KS - Senior Associate - Maternity Coaching

My coach was a huge support both during my maternity leave and upon my return to work.  She guided me through difficult career decisions and helped me look at things from a different angle which made certain decisions easier to make. She gave helpful advice but was always a good listener and was never overbearing – she always ensured that all decisions were ultimately left up to me but after a session with Sandie anything that had been playing on my mind relating to work suddenly seemed much clearer and less worrying.

The programme is very well structured and thought out and Sandie herself is such a genuinely lovely coach who really cares about you and your life / career. 

The sessions has made me realise that it is possible to successfully combine being a mother and having happy, thriving children with a rewarding career and has made sure I have lots of tips and techniques for achieving this juggle and even making sure I look after my own wellbeing along the way!

I think it is so important that the firm are investing in this programme and recognise that returning to work after having a baby is a real transition period where support is needed and is so appreciated.  It was so nice to know that my coach was looking out for me during my maternity leave / return to work and was there for any questions / queries that I had at any time.

Chris Shaw - National Operations and Training Co-ordinator - In-House Preventative Coaching

When I first saw my support coach I was suffering from quite bad anxiety due to some personal issues which I know were spilling into my work environment.  

From the moment I met my coach, I felt totally as ease, like I had known her for years.
We talked about lots of things and she has given me many tools and techniques to use, but explained it was about finding the ones that work for me, which I have done.

She helped me understand myself more and the type of person I am, which went a long way to explain why I react to situations in a certain way and the importance of doing things for myself.
I have also learned to let things go more, instead of letting them get to me, sometimes by using strategies she has taught me without others even realising I am doing it.

I found the home work she gave me after each session also helped a lot as we then discussed this at our next session. Whilst i am not saying I am cured completely, I now know what to do to help me cope better if I get an episode of it in the future.

I would recommend thsi to anyone and I know if I ever need her again she will be there to help and guide me. Thank you Beyond EAP

Jemma Dhillon - Senior Associate Lawyer - Maternity Coaching

I would recommend Beyond EAP to other employees.  The support it gives gives is highly valuable.  My coach is a warm, approachable, friendly, supportive and inspiring person – exactly what you would look for in a coach!  She takes time and effort to go over and beyond what might be expected, to ensure that the support she offers is relevant to the individual.   As a result, this adds value to the service that she offers and makes all the time spent enjoyable and positive, with lots of takeaway points at the end of the session.   
Knowing that you have someone, with the time and experience, to discuss issues relating to returning to work gave me confidence in doing so.  My coach also directed me to a number of useful resources, for whatever needs arose at the relevant time.  I knew in advance of returning that should challenges present themselves I would have a support mechanism if I needed it. 

The support has helped me identify factors that motivate me at work and having this in focus upon returning has helped me keep sight of my long term goals, even when the immediate juggling act of work and childcare can be demanding. 
Thank you so much Beyond EAP!

Anon, Senior Associate Lawyer - Supportive Services

During this process I learned to rationalise anxious or unhelpful thoughts; to process
them and work out why I’m feeling what I’m feeling, and whether those thoughts and
feelings serve me or not. The breathing exercises really helped. 

The support was invaluable in helping me to process recent grief, and has helped me to be more philosophical about things in life I cannot control. It has helped me to understand
the grieving process better, and accept my situation for what it is, be grateful for all that
I have and live more in the moment. I learned that I am stronger and more empathetic
as a result of the things I have been through, and that that I am able to see the positives
that have resulted from the difficulties I have faced. The support reinforced the positive
changes I have made to both my personal and working situation in recent months, and
has given me confidence that I can continue to offer a great deal to my employer on a
sustainable basis. 

I have a wonderful coach – she is very warm, knowledgeable, empathetic and open. I could be totally open without any judgment or impatience; she was a brilliant listener and keen to offer practical support. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Beyond EAP to others needing support.

Anon, Senior Vice President - London - Maternity coaching

I found the Return to Work coaching sessions incredibly helpful and reassuring. While on maternity leave I put off thinking about returning to work as I was anxious about how I would juggle childcare arrangements with my demanding job.

However, the sessions gave me a safe and supportive forum to think about my return and an opportunity to discuss how I could continue to progress in my career while still being an active part of my daughter's life.

During the sessions we talked about my fears regarding returning to the workplace and my coach was helpful in challenging my thinking about certain concerns. An area that was particularly useful for me was our discussion on boundaries - she encouraged me to think about my personal boundaries for when I returned and to put them in place from day one. The one-on-one sessions were invaluable for discussing my personal situation and helped focus my thinking on what I wanted to achieve in my career on my return.

LR, Head of Database Marketing - Hidden Hearing Ltd - In-House Preventative Coaching programme

These sessions were an amazing help to me.  Before meeting my coach I had begun to lose myself, I couldn't figure out who I was and would replay every uncomfortable conversation in my head, mainly when I should actually be sleeping.

The answer now seems simple, the most important person is yourself, without that nothing else works.  I learnt very quickly that I shouldn't feel guilty about things that no-one else worries about and that I need to reduce my expectation of people. I can't control every aspect of my life and we are not all alike. Once I had begun to accept that I felt a lot lighter.  She helped me face up to the fact that not everyone deals with losing a loved one in the same way. Opening up to those around me was a big step for me and I wouldn't have been able to do that without the support and encouragement.

Part of what you get out of this process is a personal connection, my coach was very compassionate and patient - we are not all the same - so what works for one person may not work for others, so exploring different methods was a big factor. I would totally recommend her to others in a similar situation.

KS, Senior Associate - WFW LLP - Maternity Coaching

Beyond EAP was a huge support both during my maternity leave and upon my return to work.  They guided me through difficult career decisions and helped me look at things from a different angle which made certain decisions easier to make. She gave helpful advice but was always a good listener and was never overbearing – she always ensured that all decisions were ultimately left up to me but after a session with Sandie anything that had been playing on my mind relating to work suddenly seemed much clearer and less worrying.

The programme is very well structured and thought out and my coach is such a genuinely lovely coach who really cares about you and your life / career.
The sessions has made me realise that it is possible to successfully combine being a mother and having happy, thriving children with a rewarding career and has made sure I have lots of tips and techniques for achieving this juggle and even making sure I look after my own wellbeing along the way!

I think it is so important that the firm are investing in this programme and recognise that returning to work after having a baby is a real transition period where support is needed and is so appreciated.  It was so nice to know that my coach was looking out for me during my maternity leave / return to work and was there for any questions / queries that I had at any time.

Anon - In-Work Preventative Coaching

I was fortunate enough to spend some time having sessions, before having to face a very daunting & stressful situation. She empowered me with many tools to help overcome the many doubts I had in myself. When I faced this challenge, as difficult as it was, I was able to do it with a sense of self assurance and belief way beyond my expectations.  She had instilled a deep faith in me, which carried me through. I felt a deep connection, and will be forever grateful to her and will always carry her words with me. Thank you!

Alice Bushell - Associate - Maternity Coaching

I loved working with my coach and have been singing her praises to everyone. She had many bespoke and practical suggestions for managing what can be a really tricky time and she immediately made me feel at ease. An absolutely wonderful service.'

LP - Senior Associate- Maternity Coaching

The most beneficial thing I learnt during this process was that speaking about your feelings and issues you are facing often helps-it's good to share!! The coaching helped me in a practical way especially as they helped me negotiate the terms under which I would return. The support gave me a chance to review everything. I learnt that even when I had 'a year off' (!) I still learnt new skills. The positive changes was that I became a mother and then a working mother! The external support gave me more confidence to return and my caoch was very approachable and understanding. Thank you for all your support Beyond EAP!

JC - Deputy Manager, Kent - Supportive Services

I was very fortunate to be offered bereavement/return to work counselling sessions, from Beyond EAP, which my employer kindly funded. My support coach visited me at my home which for me was great, as I had been feeling very reluctant to venture away from home.

Having lost 2 very close members of my family 6 months apart, and then my husband suddenly in May this year, I found these sessions to be extremely beneficial to me. The first thing she pointed out was that I had actually had 4 losses. The fourth being my life, future and how I can deal with this.
I learnt to think more about myself, I had not really allowed myself any 'me' time. I have always looked after others before myself, worrying about them, and how to help them.

Shortly after my husband passed away, and with some advice from family/friends I decided that I would go back to work a couple of days a week on reduced hours. 'A focus would do me good' . After the first session and, during the following week, I spent a lot of time considering my employment and the affect it was having on my well-being and health, and my two daughters.

After session 2, I decided to take some time away from work, and I handed in my notice. My Owner and Manager, were extremely sympathetic and understanding, and I left work at the end of the week (they waived my notice period). I also made a huge decision and bought a PUPPY ! Feeling confident to do this and the fact I have my puppy for company has given me so much pleasure, and I am able to actually think a little about my future. I do not believe I would have been able to do this without the counselling. 

I would definitely recommend Beyond EAP to any employers and I have already recommended them to a couple of my friends.
My support coach is an amazing, compassionate lady, totally professional and from her own experiences, she is able to give honest, sound advice and help. She has also given me a lot of diagrams and techniques which I refer to often to help me cope when I am feeling really down. Thank you so much.'   

AK - Administrator - Supportive Services

As soon as I spoke to my support coach on the phone my mind was put as ease. I felt complete relief that finally someone understood. She was calming and I looked forward to meeting her. Understanding my grief, where I was in my journey and that what I was going through was "normal" has made a huge difference to me. The support I received has greatly helped me accept my grief and see that my future can be positive and happy again. I regularly use a couple of the coping techniques and I don't feel that I need to hide away. I am able to talk about my situation when I want. I have learnt to recognise an achievement, no matter how small and which would normally have been difficult. I realise that I have other things in my life that I am grateful for, which make me smile. I would recommend "Beyond EAP".

The support is welcoming, understanding, knowledgeable and I cannot thank them enough.

Senior Associate Lawyer - Maternity Coaching

The most beneficial thing I learnt during this process was about what was important to me and to manage my expectations of myself. The skills chart was insightful and also helped to boost my confidence. Initially going back was hard but going back to the same job made it easier and I was surprised of how quickly I adjusted. My coach was very supportive and also good at being probative and helping me to look forward and reflect. I would recommend Beyond EAP to other employers and employees.

Danielle - Associate Solicitor - Maternity Coaching

t was really useful to have someone to speak to who had knowledge of the Firm but who was also independent. I really felt comfortable speaking with Sandie and used her as a sounding board throughout the programme.

I felt that my coach was very supportive both on a professional level and a personal level. I also felt that she helped to improve my confidence.

There would have been more distance between me and the Firm and I would not have had the reassurances provided. I now feel much more confident in my abilities and in managing my work life balance.

My coach was really supportive, empathetic and positive. I would definitely recommend Beyond EAP.' 

Fiona - Legal Secretary - Supportive Services

Beyond EAP has been what I can only describe as incredible, totally amazing.  My support coach has listened, provided tissues, asked the awkward questions, kind and caring, guiding me through what I canonly describe as my darkest days.  She had the patience to help me understand what I was feeling/going through, to understand that there is no time limit, everyone is different.  She gave me encouragement and support, even just for the little things which most people take for granted but to me seem like mountains.  I can honestly say that if I hadn't had the support, I wouldn't be here at work full time today. Talking to someone who isn't family or friend, who isn't there to judge you, just listen and rationalise things out, who is there for me, to support me and doesn't have an "agenda" at the end of the day has been so amazing.

I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Beyond EAP to anyone. The help, support and understanding has been incredible.' 

KF - Lawyer - Maternity Coaching

Having a maternity coach was really helpful in helping me transition back to full-time following my maternity leave. It made the process much smoother and I was grateful in having someone who was independent to discuss any matters which I encountered and wanted to discuss.

Emma Castle - Finance Dept, Ferdinand Bilstein - Maternity Coaching

Beyond EAP enabled me to visualise what I wanted to achieve on my return and enable me to find the right work/home-life balance.' 


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