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Why Work with a Corporate Wellness Coach?

In our experience, the words “workplace wellness coach” can cause nervous confusion among corporate employers.

For one thing, they’re not sure how a “wellness coach” might work… so will this person start causing disruption in the workplace? For another, how can anybody coach wellness, when the term itself is so ambiguous?

In fact, wellness does have a clear definition, although it isn’t widely known and is often misunderstood. The Global Wellness Institute officially defines wellness as “the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health.”

At Beyond EAP, our corporate wellness coaching is designed around that definition’s two most significant words: active and holistic.

What does this mean?

Our work with employees involves helping them to actively make positive decisions that build emotional resilience and promote optimal long-term health and wellbeing.

While many people assume that ‘wellness’ refers to physical health only, our experienced coaching also ensures focus on different areas of an employee’s life, so they can work in harmony together.

This involves a holistic approach that takes the following factors into account:

  • Physical health (sleep, nutrition, exercise)
  • Internal beliefs (purpose, values, self-discovery)
  • External environment (home, finances, career)
  • Community (relationships, support, belonging)

Experienced, insightful workplace wellness coaching

No two people are the same, so our coaching programmes are completely bespoke to each employee. They involve personally tailored sessions, combining our specialist expertise with proven coaching techniques.

Ultimately, we work to increase resilience and understanding: helping employees to recognise their emotions and how to process them effectively. This inspires confidence and self-reliance, so employees are left with the uplifting sense that they can face anything life decides to throw at them.

“We are delighted that Beyond EAP’s approach uses a range of tools and techniques to find an effective personal strategy for each individual. From an employer’s perspective, this has resulted in observable changes in behaviour and wellbeing in the workplace, resulting in positive outcomes for the company and the employee.”
(Head of Development, Hidden Hearing Ltd.)

Educating wellness
Sandie Dennis founded Beyond EAP because she has deep personal experience of how focusing on wellness benefits both businesses and their employees.

A former corporate high-flier herself, Sandie understands the close link between wellness education and a happy, productive workforce – employees who take fewer days off sick, and who are more likely to remain with their employer.

“Beyond EAP have been invaluable in helping me understand how I respond in stressful situations and how to manage them before they become overwhelming.”
(Manager, Dixon Wilson Chartered Accountants)

Sandie and her carefully-selected team, Jane Smart and Jane Mitchell, speak from many years of experience and insight working with a diverse range of global employers.

Not only does the team possess expert credentials that mean they can provide the right support for specific employee challenges, but they regularly collate valuable knowledge and practical techniques that have worked successfully in coaching sessions. 

The result is that Beyond EAP offers a comprehensive toolkit of proven strategies that can be personalised to each employee, leaving them better able to navigate their lives and work.

We hope we have been able to clarify the process of workplace wellness coaching. 

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss a specific employee in confidence, please get in touch.


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