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What Happens When an Employee Issue Is Too Complex or Traumatic for EAP?

Recently, we made the important decision to re-brand the business.

When we founded Confidence to Return in 2014, we wanted to focus completely on supporting new mothers, facilitating a safe, happy, and confident return to work following their maternity leave.

Maternity and parental coaching remains the core of my work to this day.  However, over time the company’s services have evolved, to incorporate support for employees going through some of life’s toughest and most traumatic challenges.

We therefore decided to re-brand the business with a new name, Beyond EAP, in order to reflect the in-depth, personalised employee support that we are so proud to offer.

Why Beyond EAP?

EAP stands for Employee Assistance Programme, which is a dedicated service organisations can choose to offer their employees as part of a wider benefits package.  

Usually consisting of a telephone assessment and/or counselling, an EAP provides confidential, prescriptive support for issues that impact upon an employee’s mental and/or physical wellbeing, whether the issues are related to work, or are happening in their personal life.

We applaud employers who offer this type of service, as they clearly recognise the importance of providing the right employee support.

However, through our many conversations with HR leaders, we have discovered that EAPs often cannot go into the depth and detail required to resolve complex or traumatic issues, such as the devastating loss of a loved one, diagnosis of a terminal illness, or severe anxiety and depression.

The Benefits of Going Beyond EAP

Working with forward-thinking HR leaders, Beyond EAP provides customised, comprehensive support for issues such as these. 

We aim to equip each employee with a personalised ‘emotional toolkit’ of proven strategies, that leave them better able to navigate life and work.  

The benefits of our detailed approach are many.  Firstly, emotionally resilient employees are proven to take less time off sick, and they are also more productive whilst at work.  

The problem – and expense – of endless recruitment and training is also reduced, as talented employees who feel properly supported by their company when challenges strike are much more likely to remain with them.  

They may even feel able and encouraged to support others in turn; in doing so developing their potential as future business leaders.

How Beyond EAP Works

Our support always begins with a thorough, personalised employee assessment.  That way, we can understand how best to tailor our approach, as well as being better able to determine if the employee is ready to work with us.

We then remain in contact with a nominated HR representative throughout our work with the employee, even offering an individual report at the end of our bespoke programme.  

While we are careful to ensure that the report does not breach employee confidentiality, it does provide clear professional insight into our progress.

If you would like to find out more about our personalised approach, along with the issues we are proud to support, please visit our brand-new website, or contact me directly for a confidential chat.


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