Sometimes, life presents us with tough, unexpected challenges.

However well-intentioned, a listening ear won’t always be enough to help your employees deal with the impact of a traumatic event, losing a loved one, or receiving a diagnosis of a terminal illness.

Our specialist programmes of support are personally tailored to each employee, using proven techniques that build resilience and promote self-understanding, so they feel able to re-emerge into their lives and work.

Bereavement and Grief Support

We provide compassionate, guided support for employees who have suffered a personal loss, including abortion and miscarriage, and/or for employees affected by workplace bereavement.

Loss doesn’t always have to refer to the death of a loved one.  For some people, going through a divorce, or even losing their job, can lead them to experience feelings of grief and/or trauma.

Depending on the circumstances, our bespoke programme of support may include EMDR trauma therapy.  Click here for more information.

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Post-Diagnosis Support

We offer a compassionate programme of post-diagnosis support for employees who have been diagnosed with a disease, disorder, or terminal illness. 

Our personally tailored sessions cover managing work, home, and medical appointments, preparing for treatment, emotional impact support, developing self-care and wellbeing, and announcement support (for a terminal illness.)

We also provide bespoke support and guidance for those employees whose loved ones have received the diagnosis, incorporating how to manage associated caring responsibilities together.

Trauma Support

Trauma comes in many forms, both physical and emotional, and it affects each and every one of us in different ways.

Some examples include physical abuse, bullying, coercive control, a #MeToo-related assault, rape, and witnessing a terrorist attack. It can even be after post natal delivery or after an operation.

Some employees may even experience the delayed effects of unprocessed childhood trauma, with high-profile cases that include Prince Harry.

As trauma specialists, and depending on the circumstances, our bespoke programme of trauma support counselling may include EMDR therapy. 

View all our Trauma related downloads here.

Click here for more information about EMDR therapy

Confidence Support

In our experience working with highly successful people, even the most outwardly high-achieving employees report experiencing “imposter syndrome” – otherwise known as the fear of being unmasked as a fraud.

Our bespoke programme of employee support uses proven strategies that build professional confidence and promote feelings of self-worth, so talented employees feel ready and able to realise their leadership potential.

Employee Conflict Support

For whatever reason, when talented employees don’t get on, the wider effects can be devastating.

We help to resolve all forms of conflict and dispute between employees and team members, drawing on our specialist blend of extensive experience, and professional mediation training from the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR.)

Our aim is to create a clear, fact-based working agreement for both parties, with regular reviews to ensure ongoing co-operation and adherence.

Returning to Work

Spending long periods of time away from the workplace can result in a loss of confidence and feelings of inadequacy.

Many people assume that return to work support only applies to new parents.  However, there are many other reasons why employees may be absent from work for an extended period of time, including illness, Long Covid, or an extended period of bereavement.

Our specialist programme of return to work support is personally tailored to each employee.  Sessions cover conquering fears and limiting beliefs, building confidence and resilience, and creating a phased, managed return with regular follow-up points.

For more information about our sessions and approach, please contact us.

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