Employee Coaching

Our bespoke coaching programmes are designed to support your employees, with personally tailored sessions that combine our specialist expertise with proven coaching techniques.

We focus on resilience-building that helps your employees understand their emotions and how to process them effectively.  Ultimately, they feel confident and able to face whatever life throws at them.

Parental Coaching

Becoming a parent is a permanent and life-changing event that sadly doesn’t come with a handy, one-size-fits-all guide. 

Even if everything seems ‘fine’ on the surface, many people will experience a wide range of contrasting emotions throughout their personal parenthood journey, some terrifying and/or completely unexpected. 

We work with women, men, and same-sex couples, helping them navigate each stage of the parenthood journey.  Our bespoke maternity and paternity leave coaching programme focuses on building resilience, with supportive, personally tailored sessions that are designed to strengthen their mental health and reduce anxiety. 

This means that whatever happens during this transformative stage of life, your employees can return to their work and their lives feeling confident and able to cope.

Our specially developed suite of parental coaching resources include:

Informative handouts on topics such as, preparing for the baby’s arrival, KIT days, and childcare questions – so that the coaching sessions can focus on key business areas

Here are samples of our Parental Coaching resources, including a visual that maps the entire coaching journey.

We focus on issues that include developing a successful handover, organising work, integrating work and parenting, and maintaining career momentum.

Sadly, some pregnancies do not go to plan, so we are able to switch the focus of our sessions to provide compassionate parental bereavement support. For more information about the tailored support we provide in these unhappy circumstances, please visit our Employee Support page.

Conception and Adoption Support

Making the decision to have a child is an exhilarating moment for many people.

However, for some, the road ahead will be paved with unexpected complications.  These include painful issues around conception, while those who have chosen to adopt often face a long and drawn-out process.

Our supportive coaching programmes are designed to help your employees prepare for and manage their route to parenthood in their own way, with bespoke sessions that focus on managing work and appointments, decision-making, acceptance, stress management, and coping strategies.

To see in more detail what is included, please view them in our resources page.

Preventive Coaching

Preventive coaching focuses on building employee resilience, so that issues such as anxiety, depression, and burnout do not become unmanageable long-term problems.

Our bespoke programme of supportive sessions include how to process emotions effectively, developing robust coping strategies, and building healthy habits that help your employees withstand life’s many challenges.

View all our Emotional Resilience resources and downloads which includes a visual on how session plans will develop.


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