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In my previous post, I discussed the importance of respectful, non-judgemental trauma support. This is not just because trauma affects different people in different ways, but because its effects can be long-lasting and life-changing.   A traumatised nervo...
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Beyond EAP: A Year in Review

December 3, 2021
Have you heard of a ‘round-robin letter’? Some people include these in the Christmas cards they send to their friends and family.  In the letters, they describe the year’s key events for them. While it’s easy to think of a round-robin letter as nothing more...
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When you imagine somebody who has recently been bereaved, what kind of person would you picture? Perhaps you thought of a weeping widow clad in black, or a child losing a beloved grandparent.  Almost certainly, the person you imagined was suffering the loss of a lo...
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As an Employee Support Coach, I have trained intensively in diverse and accredited therapies. Working with forward-thinking HR leaders, Beyond EAP provides specialist support for life’s toughest challenges.   These challenges come in many forms, and they affect a...
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When employees suffer a traumatic event such as losing a baby, a divorce, death of a loved one or any other one of life’s big challenges, we expect them to react emotionally. For a while, allowances are made for unusual behaviour because we expect them to get back to being...
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