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Is there a perfect recipe for self-care?

If you had asked me this question twenty years ago, I wouldn’t have known how to answer.

Back then, I didn’t know that my brain was the most energy-expensive organ in my body.  I had no idea that every thought, interaction, and decision I made would ‘spend’ energy – a bit like drawing money from a bank account.

And just like a bank account, if you keep on making withdrawals from an ever-depleting store of energy, you will end up where I was.  Exhausted, stressed, and overwhelmed.

That’s why it’s so important to think about boundaries and balance, both of which make up that perfect self-care recipe (yes, it exists!)

Our strategy at Beyond EAP is based on the importance of prioritising your own needs first, so you can start replenishing those energy levels.  When our team works with employees who suffer from burnout, we discuss their time and energy management in depth.  

We talk about the importance of saying “no” when we need to (boundaries).  We identify all the amazing things they keep telling themselves they have no time for, and we carve out vital space for them, in each area of their lives (balance).

The ultimate goal is to help them feel confident and fully in charge of themselves, through achieving that elusive balance of energy, time, and emotions.

Isn’t that something we all deserve?

Our latest eBook, Why Boundaries + Balance = Self-Care can be downloaded now, with our compliments.  

It includes some questions to help you think about your own needs and priorities, along with some useful tips for protecting them, so you can get 2022 off to a balanced start.

Don’t forget that we are also on hand to help if there is an employee, or employees, that you feel particularly concerned about.  Our team’s combined experience spans a number of therapeutic disciplines across diverse global settings, and we are well-known for our friendly and empathetic approach.

If you would like to arrange a confidential chat, please get in touch here.


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